Municipality Refund Investigation Report – Council City of Johannesburg

Council Solutions can assist the public and or attorneys with a council refund investigation. A detailed report will be presented outlining the current status of your account. Council Solutions will assist with the submission and weekly follow up but does not receive any refunds on behalf of clients and all refunds are paid directly to the attorney or client. Once we have completed the council refund investigation and we find that the refund has already been paid out – we will provide proof of same and there will be no additional cost
Council Solutions will quote to look into this, follow up and collect the refund proof should you wish to not apply yourself.


Municipality Refunds

City of Johannesburg Refund Application – Coj

Council Solutions Municipality or Council Refund Investigation Report Service Includes:

• We will ensure that all services rates refuse sewer water and electricity has been closed off and adjusted as per transfer or occupation date

• If we find that an account requires adjusting we will provide a full report explaining the problems found and offer a solution we will look for irregularities that might prevent or delay a refund payment from being issued

• Once a full report has been presented a further quotation will be drawn up to apply, follow up and ensure your Refund is paid out.


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Municipality Refund Investigation Report - Council City of Johannesburg