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Following a tested and tried process for preparing to submit house plans to any municipality/
Local Authority in South Africa. This should enable you to go through the submission process
with a little more ease and help you understand the documents required by most local
authorities in South Africa. Please keep in mind that this is a guide only and based on the
regulations of the Gauteng areas and that requirements might be slightly different in other




Building Plans

Before submitting your building plans to the Local Authority, various documents are to accompany
your building plans. Below a self checklist of documents: (NOTE: This is for normal additions or
new dwellings). Each document will be discussed in a little more detail.

 Council Submission form
 SACAP (Schedule 4) form
 Power of Attorney
 Engineer appointment form
 Copy of latest paid up Account
 Copy of Owners ID
 Sewerage connection diagram
 SG Diagram
 Zoning Certificate
 Title Deed
 Plans copies signed by Engineer, Client / Architect/ Draughtsman
 Fees for submission
Council Submission form

This form may be collected at the LA/ Municipality where you will need to submit your plans OR your
registered designer / architect should have them available. In most instances this is a one page form to be
filled out with details e.g. the owner details, size, type, zoning, size of the building stated in the form will be
used by the council to work out the plan submission fees payable for plan scrutiny, also required is the
details of appointed registered designer / architect. Both the owner and designer / architect’s signatures
needs to be on the application form. (NOTE: Designer includes; Draughtsman etc.)
SACAP (Schedule 4) form
This form is available and completed by the registered designer / architect whom you appoint to draw your
plans. This is an appointment and mostly compliance certificate to confirm the appointed person is
registered with SACAP.From 1 July 2006 no person practicing architecture will be able to submit plans
without being registered with SACAP (The South African council for the architectural profession.)

Power of Attorney

This will not be necessary if the owner of the property is submitting the plans. If you would like to make use
of a third party or professional consultant to submit the plans and get it approved, you will need to write a
letter OR complete a power of Attorney form available at some LA’s and/ or with your appointed registered
designer / architect, stating that you as the registered owner permits the said appointed person to act on
your behalf regarding submission, applications etc..

Engineer appointment form

This form can be obtained from your local authority, to be filled out by your appointed engineer stating that
he / she as a professional and will take responsibility for the structural soundness of the building designed,
roof type structure and do the necessary inspections on site.

Copy of latest paid up Account

A copy of the latest water & electricity account for the property is required with the submission documents.

Copy of Owners ID

A copy of owner’s ID document is required with the submission documents.
Sewerage connection diagram

The Sewerage diagram is available from the services department at your local authority. t’s a one page
document outlining the stand with an indication of the position and the depth of the connection of the
municipal sewer connection on the stand.

SG Diagram

This is document is available at your local council usually from the town planning department and contains
info about the stand size, location, orientation, side lengths etc.
Zoning Certificate
This document can be obtained from you local council’s Land use rights department The document
contains information about the property’s use rights or zoning, building lines, coverage etc. allowed for the

Title Deed

There is various ways to obtain a copy: 1. Financing institution until settlement of your property loan is paidup, ask for a copy from them. 2. If the property was bought without a loan, the title deed should be
requested from the attorneys’ 3. The deeds office keeps all records, thus a trust worthy place to obtain the
document. This document should be scrutinized carefully as it often contains a lot of additional information
about the specific property and possible registered servitudes that might exist

Plans copies signed by Engineer, Client / Architect/ Draughtsman

The amount of plan copies required by different town or city councils varies broadly, but all local authorities
will require at least one set of colour copies and normally 3 black & white copies. (NOTE: All the plans & copies are to be signed by you owner, your appointed architectural draughts person and the appointed structural engineer

Building Plan Applications

Any new building and any alteration that adds on to or changes the structure of an existing building must go to a City Council’s Development Management Department for approval. There are penalties for non-compliance.​ If you’ve chosen to build without having the plans approved, a building inspector is entitled to enter your property and order construction to stop immediately. They could even obtain a court order for the structure to be demolished, at your expense, and you would be liable for legal costs as well. In serious cases, you could be fined or sent to prison.​​​

Section 7/6 application can be made to commence building once your building plans have been accepted for submission.



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