June 23, 2018

Problems and Queries that may arise

Problems and Queries that may arise at Council

Meter Issues

A common account problem is the billing of estimated meter readings. If council meter readers are unable to obtain a meter reading for a month or the meter has been replaced, the council will not be able to load an actual meter reading on the account. The account will then bill an estimated reading for that month. This estimation should be similar to the monthly consumption but can also be much higher or lower which will result in a higher account than normal or a huge account after months of undercharging.  Council Solutions has qualified consultants who assist with the loading of the actual readings and reversals of the interim reading within a couple of days. If a water or electricity meter has been replaced Council Solutions can assist in correcting the account so that the new meter appears on the account and normal billing is resumed.

Missing Services

All sectional title stands should receive an account which bills for Assessment Rates and Refuse. All full title stands need to be billed for Assessment Rates, Refuse, Sewer, Water and Electricity (unless the stand is vacant or you are billed directly by your Homeowner’s Association or Eskom).
If any of these services are missing, Council Solutions can assist in loading the missing charges so that they appear on your next account. These services need to be billed. Even if the error was an initial council oversight the council will eventually backdate the unbilled services and expect payment within 30 days. Therefore it is advisable to have these services loaded as soon as possible!

Credit Transfers

Paying council accounts via EFT banking comes with a few problems of its own. Have you paid into the wrong account or used the incorrect reference when making payment? Don’t be left cash strapped while you wait for monies to be transferred. Council Solutions can assist with the transferring of incorrectly paid funds as long as the necessary documentation is in order.

Incorrect Details

It is important that all council accounts reflect the correct registered owner name/s, spelling of these names and the correct physical and postal address. Council Solutions trained consultants can assist in rectifying these smaller issues.


All residential properties that have a complete dwelling should have been issued an occupation certificate at the time of completion. If the zoning is vacant and should be improved Council Solutions can assist with the correction of the zoning.

New consolidation

When a property consolidation has been registered in the Deeds Office, there are a number of changes to be made on the council system. The newly consolidated stand needs to be created from scratch and the previous stands need to be devalued and closed. Council Solutions expert team can assist with the opening of these new accounts and the closing of the previous accounts.

Prepaid Meters

Council Solutions can assist with the conversion from a conventional meter to that of a prepaid meter and the correction of the account once the changes have taken place on the property.

Assessment Rates

Council Solutions can assist with the reconciliation of your Rates charges or apply for the property to be added to the valuation roll. An account that has no valuation or market value will not be able to bill assessment rates. The different zoning or category determines what tariff a property should be charged. Council Solutions can ensure that the correct zoning category is used and the appropriate tariff billed on the market value. Assessment rates are always billed from date of registration.

Municipal Account Investigations

Council Solutions has been assisting consumers with thousands of ongoing council Billing Issues and queries for over 20 years.  We highly recommend a municipal account investigation be conducted to locate the exact cause/s of the problem/s in order to find the best solution in rectifying the account.
Though you may already be aware of the problem, we still advise an investigation to prevent delays and extra costs should any further hidden issues arise.

A detailed report will be provided on the account as well as a quotation on rectifying it on your behalf.

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Frequently Asked Questions about incorrect billing:

Q: Should I continue paying even though I have a query on the account?
A: Yes, you should pay at least what you think the monthly debit amount should be, as you are still consuming.
Q: Why was my instalment plan deactivated?
A: It could be due to late payment or short payment.
Q: When will you be able to flag an account?
A: When you have made monthly payments and have a query on the account.
Q: What is the average turnaround time for a Tariff change.
A: It varies, approximately 2 – 3 months.
Q: How would you rectify kVA problem?
A: You would obtain a meter download, and submit it to Council.
Q: Is it possible to transfer credits from my one account to the other?
A: Yes, some documentation is required, but it is possible.
Q: Is a Tariff change reference number the same as when you obtain a reference for a query?
A: No, the Tariff change reference number starts with 700 and the query reference numbers starts with 800. (Only at City of Johannesburg)
Q: Council did a meter change out 6 months ago, why is my old meter number still on my account and not the new?
A: Due to inefficiencies.